“Inner Vibrato” is the first event in a series of pop-up dinners hosted by the chef and guest chefs of Big Bad Wolf kitchen. This night’s prix-fixe menu will feature an homage to first generation, Korean-American soul food – An interpretation of the life we’re born with vs. the life we make.

It’s a meal that’s familiar yet offbeat… when nostalgia becomes past and present. -Comfort food fit for a celebration amongst those we love most, a homecoming after a long journey away, or simply, to soothe all those cravings we feel when missing the comforts of the things that draw us back to where we came from.

Our goal at Big Bad Wolf is to create a climate for a new type of gathering over food: a sweet spot between dining out and an intimate dinner party amongst friends. The destination of being at the right place, at the right time for a one-of-a-kind meal, with the ambiance of good company, that exists for one night and one night only. -A night that can never be recreated even if we tried. 

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