Join Chef Vijitha in an afternoon of traditional Masala Chai and tea time snacks: 

Masala chai is an integral part of every Indian's day. Chai means Tea in Hindi, the most popular language of India. Since it is flavored with spices, it's called Masala Chai.

My mom makes the best chai in town. She will first heat a little water in a milk pan and she throws in crushed ginger, cardamom and cloves into the hot water. She will then add tea powder, jaggery into the brew and finally pour the milk. With her hands around the hip, she always stands next to the hot pan to watch the milk growl and sizzle. She lets them cook until all the flavors are infused into the milk. The hot tea is poured into a strainer where they drip into a fresh mug. That's how I make tea everyday.

In this pop-up, you will be tasting 6 popular tea time snacks.

Here is my list of snacks that reminds me of Chennai:

  1. Puffs from Iyengar bakery
  2. Masala vadai sold near Kapaleshwar temple, Mylapore
  3. Marina beach manga thengai sundal
  4. Hot kara paniyaram at Krishna Sweets
  5. Pasi paruppu ladoo from Venkateshwara boli stall
  6. Hot gulab jamuns at Sowkarpet streets

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